Local 464 Membership Portals

Click here to access the LIUNA Local 464 Membership Portal to view your profile and make online dues payments. 

Membership Portal for Local 464
Contractor Portal for Local 464
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Wisconsin Laborers' Training Center

The Wisconsin Laborers' Training Center has reopened and is offering classes again. Please visit https://training.wislaborers.org/ for more information.

LIUNA Local 464 Membership Application

Interested in a career as a member of LIUNA Local 464.  Click here to fill out a membership application.

Apprenticeship Testing

In-person Accuplacer apprenticeship testing has been suspended. If you know of a potential apprentice candidate, please have them contact the Wisconsin Laborers' Training Center at (608) 846-5768. For those with current and qualifying test scores, have them contact Wisconsin Laborers' Apprenticeship Coordinator Ray Wiatt at at rwiatt@liunawisconsin.org or call (608) 212-0802.

Get your Local 464 Gear!

You can now order your Local 464 gear online, including t-shirts, long-sleeve t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hats. Place an order and have items shipped directly to your home. 

Please click here to order your Local 464 gear online.

Health & Pension BenefitsLess

Click here to access updates on your benefits, as well as accessing your hours, eligibility status, and claims information on the MemberXG portal.


COVID-19 Resources

Please click here to go to the Wisconsin Laborers' District Council COVID-19 Resource Page


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