Laborers' Local 464 Dues


Dues are to be paid on or before the first of each month.

Regular members - $38.00 per month

Retirees - $8.00 per month

12 Month Dues Payment

Members who pay 12 months dues receive a one-time payment of $38.

Dues Payment Methods

1. You can stop in the office from 7:00am to 4:30pm Monday - Friday and pay with check, cash or credit card.

2. You can call the office at 800-362-4442 or 608-244-6400 and pay with Mastercard or Visa, saving you a trip. There is a small service fee.

3. You can log into the Membership Portal and pay online.

4. You can mail your dues payments to the Laborers' Local 464 office.

Laborers' Local 464

1438 N. Stoughton Road

Madison, WI 53714

If you send in your union card, we will stamp it and mail it back to you.

Please Note: A member can be two (2) months behind in dues, but on the first pay day of the third month YOU will be SUSPENDED.

Active Military Service

Members in good-standing who enter active military service shall continue their good standing for a period of up to four consecutive years prior to military service, provided they report to their local union on their return from active military service, within ninety days from deactivation and pay the current month's dues. Such members shall be deemed to have been regularly working at the calling during the period of active duty. Please call the local before deploying.