Pension Summary

Wisconsin Laborers' Pension Fund Benefit Highlights

I. Regular Pension
  • Eligibility: Age 62: 10 pension credits or 10 years of vesting service

  • Amount: $16.00 X number of past service credits (Maximum 20). 5% of total contributions to the fund before August 1, 1997-4% of total contributions to the fund from August 1, 1997 through August 1, 1997 throught August 31, 2004 - 2.75% of total contributions to the fund on or after September 1, 2004 through July 31, 2009; 1.25% of total contributions used for accrual purposes and required to be made on your behalf for work in Covered Employment on or after August 1, 2009.

II. Early Pension
  • Eligibility: Age 55: 10 Pension credits or 10 years of vesting service.

  • Amount: Regular pension amount less 1/8 of 1% for each month younger than age 62.

III. Disability Pension
  • Eligibility: Totally and permanently disabled - 10 pension credits

  • Amount: Regular pension amount.

IV. "Rule 75 Year" Disability Pension
  • Eligibility: Years of service must total 75 (E.G. 50 years old + 25 years of service = 75) must have a permanent disability that prohibits member from doing Laborers' work.

  • Amount: Regular pension amount.

V. "Deferred" Pension
  • Eligibility: Age 65 and 5 years of pension credits. Must have at least one hour work contributed after August 1, 1997.

  • Amount: Regular pension amount

Pension Credits
  1. Past Service: 1/12 credit for each month prior to April 1, 1969 that you were employed in the industry for 120 hours. (Basically one credit for each year)

  2. Future Service: One full credit for 870 hours of work in covered employment during a pension credit year. Partial credits earned for less than 870 hours of work during a pension credit year.

Eligibility Requirements
  • Regular: Age 62; 10 pension credits or 10 years of vesting service.

  • Early: Age 55; 10 pension credits or 10 years of vesting service.

  • Disbaility: Totally and permanently disabled; 10 credit yeras.

Benefit Options

I. After Retirement

The fund offers a form of payment where we increase the member's benefit until they reach the age 62 or full retirement at which time we then decrease our benefit. The amount that we increase the benefit is dependent upon:

The level income option is available with all forms of payment (50%, 75%, 100% and single life) it is not available to disability pension or deferred pensions.

Husband-And-Wife Pension:

  • 50% Joint and Survivor Option

  • 75% Joint and Survivor Option

  • 100% Joint and Survivor Option

Single Life Pension:

  • Monthly payments guaranteed to 100% of contributions to the fund.

Level Income:

  • The member's estimated social security benefit.

  • The age on which the member will chose to take social security.

  • The age in which the member retires from our fund.

II Before Retirement

Survivor's Pension

  1. Elgibility: 10 pension credits or 10 years of vesting service; 5 years if hours after 8/1/97

  2. Amount if member dies after age 55: benefit which would have been paid if the participant had retired on the day before his death and elected the 50% husband-and-wife pension; benefits would begin immediately after member's death.

  3. Amount if member dies before age 55. If 10 pension credits, benefits will be calculated as though participant had attained age 55 and elected 50% husband and wife pension; benefits will begin immediately after the member's death.

If 5 pension credits, benefit will be the actuarial present value of the 50% husband and wife pension payable at normal retirement age; benefits would begin immediately after members death.

III. Lump-Sum Death Benefit

Deductible -None

Benefit payable every 2 years:

Adult Exam, Lenses, Frames, and Contact Lenses - $500

Child under 19 Lenses, Frames, Contact Lenses, Lasik Surgery-$500

Exam for Child under 19 – No Maximum

Wellness Benefit
  1. Eligibility: 5 pension credits or 5 years of vesting service. Not eligible for husband-and-wife pension.

  2. Amount: 100% of the contributions paid to the fund. Benefits payable designated beneficiary.

IV. Effective For Deaths On And After January 1, 2007.

Certain active participants, terminated vested participants and retirees are eligible for a lump sum death benefit of $1500.00

  1. Earned at least one pension credit.

  2. Continuously maintained payment of your union dues through the date of your death or continuously maintained payment of an administrative fee of $15.00 per month to the pension fund.

Health and pension plan benefits highlights are not a complete list of funds benefits and do not constitute a plan document. Only plan documents establish the legal rights, privileges and obligations under the health and pension plans. Please consult plan documents for complete and detailed information on Wisconsin laborers’ health and pension fund benefits